decomposingly said: I know it's been a very long time ago, but do you still own the paper dress you made? I fell in love with it and asked if you can send me how the final touches looked ages ago, but you never did. Just curious to know if you still have it. I was thinking about that dress in class the other day. You are talented beyond belief!

OMG it’s been forever since i’ve been on this site. and OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE SOMEONE STILL REMEMBERS <3 that was literally 3 years ago <3 I LOVE YOU. unfortunately i do not have it anymore ): and the only remains i have are like 3 photos…. DARN YOU COMPUTER lool. but here it is :)  I was SOOO PROUD of what I have created… So sad it’s gone );


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Anonymous said: Hey Q T 3.14

oh hi there 


Anonymous said: Do you remember a blog named nationalblocparty?

yeah o: omg so long ago!!!!!!


untitled by Petrana Sekula on Flickr.